All game-play rules will follow the most recently adopted Gay Bowl rules as defined by the National Gay Flag Football League. The NGFFL has a specific set of rules that governs the annual Gay Bowl tournament. Some of these rules are identical to college football rules such as:

  • QB is across the line of scrimmage (and therefore cannot make a legal forward pass) if either of his feet are across the line.
  • Receiver needs to get one foot in bounds with possession of ball for a legal catch.
  • Downfield blocking is allowed after a receiver makes a catch or during a running play.

 However, there are many other rules that are unique to flag football such as:

  • Only one down per series allowed that advances beyond the line of scrimmage and does not include a legal forward pass.
  • There is no penalty for intentional grounding by the QB.
  • No flag guarding is allowed.
  • Receivers cannot contact the defenders when coming off the line of scrimmage. Once offensive receivers pass or occupy the same yard line as a defender, that defender cannot obstruct the receiver’s opportunity to move freely about the field
  • When rushing as a defender, you must be beyond the neutral zone -- 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Other players may not cross the line of scrimmage until said designated rusher has crossed the line of scrimmage first.

    National Gay Flag Football League Rulebook v. 4.6. - Finalized on October 1, 2015

    Gay Bowl Rules Summary

Please contact Corey Prinz, Assistant Commissioner / Director of Referrees ( with any questions or clarifications.

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