Mission + Vision & Core Values


The mission of the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League, Inc. (PGFFL) is to provide Members of the Phoenix LGBT and Allied Community a safe place to experience personal growth while pursuing their athletic aspirations in a healthy environment, free from harassment and ridicule.
The PGFFL strives to use its fundraisers, cultural events, and the sport of flag football to break down stereotypes, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to educate the general public about the LGBT community.


  • Promote and educate the public about the sport of flag football in the greater Phoenix area
  • Demonstrate unparalleled sportsmanship
  • Develop long lasting relationships through camaraderie and partnerships

Core Values - FLAG

FAMILY - Creating an atmosphere that is inclusive of the LGBT community.
LEADERSHIP - Empowering individuals to take initiative, develop, and become respected leaders
ATHLETICISM - Striving to reach improve your personal best while displaying good sportsmanship
GIVING - Time, Effort, Knowledge, Experience

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